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Eye2 Holiday Card.2.jpg
Eye2 Holiday Card.png

This project was basically to design a holiday card for KCBS. These kind of jobs can never be religious. The emphasis has to be solely on the holidays.

A Christmas/holiday card is usually not an item ending up in your portfolio. This time it felt different.


As always, when designing a holiday card, every element associated with the holidays is looked at to see if there is something that jumps out. I could see some similarities in the shapes of the Eye 2 and a Christmas ornament with a candy cane. Not exactly the same but maybe one could morph into the other.

A stop motion style of animated illustration evolved in this accordion folded card. From the front a normal ornament and candy cane. By the last panel the illustration had evolved into the Eye 2 logo for KCBS.

The problem for me, as a designer, was trying to convince the client to buy five illustrations instead of one.

To say the least, the client was happy.

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