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This package was part of a redesign of several VHS movies distributed by MGM Family Entertainment. An old movie. But an old movie with a lot of flair and excitement. A princess, monsters and an engaging story.

As we grow up we love myths and fantastic stories. This was definitely one of them. It is one of the original stop motion films. Two-headed minotaur, a flying dragon and a sea serpent are animated with stop-motion. The actors reaction is married with clay models that are animated one frame at a time.


The design of the logo was first on the list and treated separately from the package. It had to be consistent with this story. And so whimsy and adventure needed to be rolled in. The type is completely hand drawn and then illustrated. An old-time scroll fit perfectly as a continuation of the split title.

The monsters and danger are always just around the corner so I created drama with our star reacting to something just off camera to the left. What he is reacting to is told fully in the shadow cast upon the deck of the ship.

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