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This project for Paramount Syndicated Television was for the classic television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Paramount wanted to create a special promotion piece as a sales tool for marketing the show into syndication.


The sales package needed to contain sales information bios of the stars, photos and a video of some of the show highlights.


This kind of job is called a Specialty Promotion in the syndicated television industry. It is something that is produced exclusively to sell or continue selling a show into syndication. It is truly only an item for roughly 200-300 eyes. The target for these promotions is TV station groups throughout the United States that buy the show to air in their regional market.

My concept was a unique flight kit. As you boarded the Starship Enterprise this would be your luggage. All sales information was housed inside a beautiful Halliburton case with a personally named luggage tag. The traveler had a crew badge, an insignia pin, a digital clock and a set of keys for the case. There were also a stack of sales folders (bios, photos etc.) and a video. Each item had it's own specially cut foam compartment with and egg crate foam interior to protect the contents.

The result won New York's prestigeous Clio award.

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