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"People ignore design that ignores people"  —  Frank Chimero

You already have a decent logo and your ads are

kind of working. So, you're up-in-th-air about whether you

even need a new logo or new advertising?

But then again, there is a reason that you are

even here. What you may need instead is an experienced

professional to consult with regarding your

current logo and advertising.



Your business finds success in many different ways. Sometimes it's accidental and sometimes it's through hard work. You don't always have the finances to afford everything you want in order to be successful. So you do what most people do. You think positive...and you either figure it out yourself, or you have family, an employee or a friend who know something about producing your project.


Can that direction work? Hell yes. But is it extremely probable that important decisions are being missed along the way? The answer to that is also..."Yes".


Creating a good logo takes time. Sometimes the early stages are totally trial and error. It takes time for a logo to look clean and simple. An afternoon sitting down at a computer with typography and free pics will get you something that looks exactly like something made in an afternoon. The same goes for advertising. A cursory knowledge of a job is sometimes just enough to get you in trouble.

LACEYSLOGOS has the experience to look at what you have done with no ulterior motive. I don't need to denegrate your logo or your business in order to get more work. I am busy enough as it is. I am happy enough to casually sit with you (in person or on the phone with PDFs) and discuss the pros and cons of your assets, without thinking..."maybe I can get some work out of this".


After seeing the work on the Logos, Portfolio, Advertising & Sketches pages, it's possible you may have a change of mind and decide you want to get something new after all. If so, please see the Process Page.


Either way, send me a quick word via the Contact page or an email to

Consultation Rate: $80-100/hr (dependent upon travel time)


Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

So let's get started.

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