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"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand"  —  Paul Rand

What makes a poor logo, a good logo

or even a great logo?


And...can a good logo make you,

your product or your business successful?


A good logo can be simple, unique and very well-designed but that is not the reason for its success. Generally speaking, a good logo is not successful in a vacuum. A good logo is any logo that co-exists with a company brand that is loved. So, it's necessary to have a strong brand identity that represents an emotional and philosophical connection with the target market in conjunction with a well-designed logo. And when those two things collide then what you have is a logo that is successfully doing its job. 

LACEYSLOGOS will create a simple, unique logo that has meaning for you, your product or your business. It will fit the style of your industry and be copyright free.

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