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I live and work in Redondo Beach, California.


I've worked in the Los Angeles market since the early 80's as an Art Director and Designer. I worked at several advertising agencies and also one of the top design studios...Hamagami Carroll, Inc.

After thirty some years, my experience has become very broad. I have created logos for blues clubs, feature films, computer games, TV stations, real estate, toy companies, rock stars, and also...electricians, deejays, motivational speakers, and hairdressers.

Additionally, my portfolio is all print, outdoor advertising, packaging, television, and special promotions. I have commissioned dozens of illustrations and photo shoots and I've worked with children, fashion models, film icons and elephants.

My clients have been big and small (with large budgets or no budget), but my goal has always been to do the best work possible for their business or personal needs regardless of their size. Logos are an essential part of your business. They can't do everything but they can enhance a great product. At a glance, a logo can stop you in your tracks and make you want to know more. Let me help you take the next step and grab someone's attention.

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