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This project is complete a corporate identity for a research-based coffee business in Hawaii. The company's focus includes providing commercial, physical and biological R & D. They develop coffee plants that grow caffein-free and plants in which the ripening process can be controlled by the grower to improve harvest and processing efficiency.

A clean corporate logo was important and was the first item developed. The logo emphasizes Hawaii and Hawaiian coffee (one of the world's best) by using a large graphic "H". The final logo becomes a cup of steaming coffee embedded directly into the "H". The steam even appears to be "C-shaped" for the name "coffee". This logo was used in all advertising and collateral for a complete professional branding.

The remainder of the collateral was an expansive brochure. The brochure used a burlap bag as the overall graphic because that is how coffee beans are very often stored and shipped. The brochure includes an illustrated map of the islands, letterhead, business card and four-pages of information about the company. The brochure also has two interior pockets for miscellaneous additions.


And, a small burlap bag of beans was even included inside the brochure for the tactile and olfactory effect.

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