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This project for Paramount Television was for a scary television series called Friday the 13th. It was a spin-off from a movie with the same name. The sales package needed to contain sales information bios of the stars, photos and a video of some of the show highlights.


This kind of job is called a Specialty Promotion in the syndicated television industry. It is something that is produced exclusively to sell or continue selling a show into syndication. It is truly only an item for roughly 200-300 eyes. The target for these promotions is TV station groups throughout the United States that buy the show to air in their regional market.

A tombstone seemed to be the perfect metaphor for the show. A lightweight rubber was used to create the stone effect along with dead grass all around. In order to contain the sales material, the tombstone needed to open. This was an opportunity to have spider webs and a spider.

The Friday the 13th Tombstone won New York's prestigious Clio award.

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